“Asstranutriment”- An Assamese Traditional Therapeutic Food Database- Development And Evaluation


  • Pallabika Gogoi,Dr. V. Premala Priyadharshini


Assam is known for its rich flora and fauna biodiversity. Different tribes have their own traditional therapeutic herbs. The local people have practiced these medicinal herbs since generations. However, in view of the oral transmission of this folk knowledge over several generations, it is getting rapidly eroded. Therefore, reintroducing the forgotten therapeutic recipes through technology is the need of the day. Total 120 recipes with therapeutic value were gathered, recorded, and categorised for different disease conditions, with which a database “Asstranutriment” was developed. Core PHP and MySQL were used to create the database, which has five pre-installed modules.; module 1: Asstra Vignette:  Briefly describes Assam's biodiversity in the display; module 2: Asstra Thera Exotica: Shows 13 therapeutic conditions' recipes (ingredients, preparation methods, time required, serving size); module 3: Asstra Reckon: It displays the nutrient content of all 120 standardised recipes, as well as the nutrient value of any specific item the user chooses to view (IFCT, 2017, NIN); module 4: Asstra Fact Bank: Users learn about common ailments, their origins, symptoms, and how to control them via therapeutic diet, module 5: Asstra Glossy Trove: Every key component in the recipes has its graphic description, scientific name, and local name projected on it. Ten doctors and dietitians evaluated the database, and it was considered very good for different attributes. It was also well received and appreciated for its authentication of information given in the database.



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Pallabika Gogoi,Dr. V. Premala Priyadharshini. (2021). “Asstranutriment”- An Assamese Traditional Therapeutic Food Database- Development And Evaluation. Drugs and Cell Therapies in Hematology, 10(2), 322–333. Retrieved from http://www.dcth.org/index.php/journal/article/view/911