Age Estimation Using Camerie Method in South Indian Population


  • Soorya Ganesh , Dr.Abirami Arthanari


Introduction:The age estimation is determined by living or dead individuals.Age estimation method is a  threatening task to forensic investigation.It helps in both criminal and civil cases like consent, retirement benefits, etc.

Materials and methods: The sample consisted of 50 subjects (25 males and 25 females) of South Indian population  in the age range of 18.1 to 18.9 –22.1 to 22.9 years. Equal sample size was given in this study. This study was done in Saveetha dental college and hospitals .

Results: The results are illustrated using standard deviation,mean average error,mean value and P-value(0.05 less than the significant)

Discussion:In this present study, we sought to estimate the 8th molar tooth within the South Indian population using radiographs. Additionally, the efficacy of those equations was also evaluated in several age groups.The advantages of OPG include first and foremost minimal time and simple repeatability because the image is seen immediately on the pc as compared to traditional radiographs which require developing X-rays.

Conclusion: In this present study,concluded that even  morphological differences show better results in the south indian population.



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