Case Report On Management Of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Complications


  • Sangita Shende Tutor, Indu Alwadkar, Ashish Bhagat


Diabetic ketoacidosis is a dangerous diabetes complication that happens when body produces excessive amounts of blood acids called ketones. When body is unable to create enough insulin, the disease develops

Patient history: A 11 yrs. Old female child was admitted in AVBRH on date 17/05/2021 with chief complaint of according to father child apparently all right till yesterday evening suddenly she had complaint of 4 episodes of vomiting. Clinical finding: The patient had undergone with various investigations like blood tests, LFT, KFT, Urine routine microscope, Blood culture and sensitivity, Urine culture & sensitivity, RBS, ABG . Medical Management: Patient was treated with 1NS, 1 RL Inj. Mannitol, Inj. PCM, Inj. Midaz 2 mg iv sos Inj. Insulin. Nursing management: Administered fluid replacement i.e. NS and RL, urine ketone sugar monitoring 6 hourly. Conclusion: Management of diabetes ketoacidosis occur in facilities with treatment revel in and tracking capability. Fluid alternative starts off evolved with 0.nine% saline to repair move and subsequent 0.45percentsaline for maintenance and replacement of five% to 10%, according to severity indicators. Mannitol or hypertonic saline must be at bedside. Fluid replacement remedy, how effective proposed tracking and intervention criteria are in a reduction of CE morbidity and mortality, and whether hypertonic saline is as or more powerful than mannitol within the remedy of CE.



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