A Case Report On Diagnosis and Treatment of Wilm's Tumor in a Tertiary Care Hospital


  • Shubham M. Satone, Sarika Selsurkar, Roshan Umate


Wilms' tumor, generally known as nephroblastoma, is a kidney disease that for the most part influences youngsters however can here and there influence grown-ups. It was named after Max Wilms, a German specialist who initially detailed it in 1867 and passed on in 1918.In the United States; around 650 cases are recognized every year. Most of Wilms' tumor occurrences happen in kids who don't have any going with hereditary sicknesses; be that as it may, a little level of Wilms' tumor patients have an inborn imperfection. It reacts well to treatment, with approximately 9 out of 10 youngsters being recuperated.

Clinical findings: A 2 years 6 months female child was admitted in AVBRH on dated 24/05/2021 with the chief complaint of lump in abdomen since 1 month on as narrated by mother; she noticed lump in right abdomen which was initially small in size & gradually increasing in size & was non-tender form in consistency & was associated stool consistency.

The patient had done all necessary investigations by physician order. Medical Management: Patient was treated with oxygen therapy, chemotherapy, Thoracenthesis and anticoagulant, antibiotics medication. Nursing management: Administered fluid replacement i.e. DNS, chemotherapy, monitored all vital signs half hourly. Conclusion: Timely treatment and management of Wilm's tumor has better prognosis.



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