Case Report on Management of case of Acute pancreatitis With Multiple organ dysfunction Syndrome


  • Ms. Bhagyashri Hadke , Ms. Arundhatee Gawande, Roshan Umate


Acute pancreatitis is a common cause of pain in the upper abdomen. Because its clinical features are comparable to those of a variety of other acute disorders, a diagnosis based solely on symptoms and signs is difficult.   Two of the following three criteria are used to diagnose acute  Pancreatitis like stomach pain, serum lipase and  amylase levels >3 times the upper limit of normal, and  abdominal imaging abnormalities. Lipase's sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing acute pancreatitis are unquestionable.Lipase has established sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing acute pancreatitis.

Main Symptoms and Important clinical findings:

Pain  in Abdominal since 4 days,  difficulty in swallowing  ,decreased appetite since 4 days,   pain and swelling in regions of parotid  glands  since 4 days,  whitish thrush tongue (before decreased  tongue), generalized  weakness  since  4 days, fever since 4 days, loose motions  since  4 days.

Diagnostic Evaluation-  She is 26 years old male  patients . And all diagnostic  tests are done.  Complete blood count:- 12.8gm/dl  ,  CECT Abdomen , ultrasonography .       .

Therapeutic Intervention:   patients  was treated inj meropenam 500 mg  ( TDS) , Inj. Levoflox 500 mg ( OD) , Inj pan 40 mg ( OD) , Inj Emset 4 mg ( TDS), Inj Tramadol  100 mg ( TDS),  Inj Thiamine  100 mg (TDS), Inj mucmix 600 mg ( BD), inj Doxy 100 mg ( BD), Inj Hydrocort 100 mg (TDS),  Syp. Kesol 2TSP (TDS).

Outcome - Patients general condition was improved.

Nursing  perspectives  -Administered  fluid  replacement  I. e  DNS and RL.  Monitor vital signs and check blood pressure per hourly.  Maintained  intake  and  output  chart  and  provided Adequate  rest and sleep  to the patient.  Administered  medications  according to doctor’s order.

Conclusion  - Patient  was  admitted in AVBRH with chief complaint of abdominal pain, and  associated with  nausea  and vomiting  alter  every  meal,  difficulty  in  swallowing,  decreased appetite,  pain and swelling in  regions of parotid glands .since  4 days,  generalized weakness, fever, loose motions. reduced with proper treatment , now patient in good condition.



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