Case Report on Management of pregnancy with Severe Anemia.


  • Ms. Nisha S. Deotale, Ms. Darshana Khobragade , Aniket Pathade


Anaemia is uncommon during pregnancy, and   it has both maternal and foetal significance 1. Anemia (lack of iron) The most occurring due is anaemia. Infection, a lack of folate, and a vitamin B12 deficiency are among the other causes. If your In the third trimester of pregnancy, haemoglobin levels are less than 11.0 g/dL., you should do one of the following: 1, 2, or 3., anaemia can be diagnosed.. Main symptoms and /or important clinical findings: A 21 yrs old female was admitted in AVBR hospital on dated 19/ 2/2021 with chief complaint of. Over the course of three weeks, I've experienced feeling ill, vomiting, and suffering stomach pain. A previous obstetric history comprised a 2-year-old induced vaginal delivery. The main diagnoses, therapeutic interventions, and outcome:  After a physical examination with Blood transfusions and vitamin B12 injections, 200 mg ferrous sulphate, folic acid, and multivitamin tablets were administered to a woman with a BMI of 48.9, gravida 2 para 1, and a 2-day history of vaginal leak suggesting rupture of membranes but not confirmed by speculum or ultrasound scan. and calcium ones a day for calcium supplementary, has been given orally until the baby was born. Nursing perspectives: IV fluid was provided to maintain the fluid and electrolyte. Monitored fetal heart rate and vital sign per hourly. Conclusion: Anemia caused by a lack of vitamin B12 is a rare occurrence. According to the results of this study, diagnosing disease in the pregnancy can help to avoid the difficulties that are often correlated with just this type of disease.



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