A Case Report On Diabetic Foot With Cellulitis


  • Miss. Payal N.Waghmare, Sarika Selsurkar, Shital Telrandhe


Diabetes mellitus is the most common etiological factor of diabetic foot ulcer and it is the leading cause of death by its associated secondary complications. Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the upcoming etiologies of morbidity and mortality in the current world with uncontrolled diabetes which is associated with high morbidity and risk of lower extremity amputation.

Patients History : A 58 years old male was admitted in A.V.B.R.H. Sawangi ( m) Wardha in MICU with  complaint of blackest discoloration of great toe of left foot since 8 days , sensation is absent on left toe, abdominal pain and  vomiting since 2-3 times before coming to the hospital. Patient had no any other complaint like breathlessness. After physical examination and investigations shows that Increase blood sugar level. Clinical finding: The patient had done all necessary investigations by doctor’s order. Medical Management: Patient was treated with Patient treated with antibiotics anti-inflammatory drugs, insulin, analgesics, and antiemetic drugs. Nursing management: Administered IV fluid replacement ie. RL, NS.  Monitor vital sign 4 hourly. RBS charting with sliding scale 4hourly, Administered medication as per doctor’s order. Position changing and foot care.

Conclusion: Timely treatment and management is essential for  Diabetic foot with cellulitis to prevent complications and septicemia.



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