A Case Report On Primary Infertility And Diabetic Mellitus


  • Pratiksha Ramteke, Sarika Selsurkar, Roshan Umate,


Diabetes is known to influence both men and women’s fertility and reproductive health. Diabetes can affect hormones, causing implantation and/or pregnancy to be delayed or unsuccessful. Diabetes is also linked to poor sperm and embryo quality, as well as DNA damage (genetic mutations and deletions).  Patient history: A 43 year old female was admitted in A.V.B.R.H. with chief complaint of Pain in abdominal, pre vaginal bleeding, and high glucose levels with elderly G1.p1 .D0 .A0 with 6 weeks and 6 days GA with IVF conceptions diabetes mellitus. Clinical finding: The patient had done all necessary investigations by physician order. Medical Management: After physical examination and investigation, doctor was detected a case of 6 week and 6 day diabetes mellitus with Patient was treated analgesic drugs to reduce pain. Also provide a calcium supplements and iron supplements present case was stable. According to ultrasonography finding. Nursing Management: Administration fluid replacement.i.e DNS and RL, monitor fetal heart rate and vital signs per hourly. Conclusion: Pregnancy conceived with in vitro fertilization increasing the more risk of diabetes mellitus, 



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