Management of patient with Dengue Fever: A Case Report


  • Ms. Priyanka S. Nagrale , Ms. Mayuri Yelekar, Aniket Pathade


Dengue fever is the world's most common viral hemorrhagic fever disease, as well as the arthropod-borne virus with the most widespread geographical distribution. It manifests itself in a wide range of clinical signs and symptoms. A case of dengue hemorrhagic fever with severe hepatitis is described by the author. Classic dengu fever shows sign symptoms’ such as severe   enlargement of liver , vomiting, hematemesis, epistaxis, and diarrhoea. Dengue fever is the most common viral hemorrhagic fever sickness worldwide, as well as the most widely distributed of the arthropod-borne viruses, primarily in the Americas, Pacific islands, and continental Asia. Dengue virus infection has a wide clinical spectrum, ranging from asymptomatic illness to dengue shock syndrome, as well as unusual symptoms such as hepatitis.

Diagnosis: After physical examination and investigation doctor diagnosed a case of dengue hemorrhagic fever with patient was treated analgesics drug to reduce pain. antipyretic drugs gives to reduce fever.

Therapeutic intervention:- Present case took the medical management with dengue fever , antipyretics given such Tab. Paracetamol 500 mg (BD), Inj. Ceftriaxone 1gm IV (BD), Inj. Pantaprozole 40 Mg iv (OD), Inj. Ondesetron 4MG iv (TDS) for 7 days.

Outcome: Patient was taken medications as per doctor order such as paracetamol to reduce their fever. And also patient condition was good with the medical treatment. Now patient’s symptoms reduced and he had in better condition.

Nursing perspectives:- Administered fluid replacement ie. DNS and RL. Monitor vital signs and Check BP per hourly. Maintained intake and output chart and provided adequate rest and sleep to the patient. Administered  medications according to doctor’s order. Hydrotherapy given because patient had fever.

Conclusion:-  The patient was admitted in A.V.B.R.H. with chief complaint of fever , chills , headache etc .This case of dengue fever , the patient taken all treatment with proper medication . The patient’s  condition was improved .



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