Case Report On Omphalocele


  • Miss. Roshani R. Jaronde, Miss. Sangita Shende, Aniket Pathade


An omphalocele is a midline abdominal wall defect of varying size near the root of the umbilical cord (missing skin, fascia, and abdominal muscles). A three-layer membrane sac made up of amnion, Wharton's jelly, and peritoneum covers the defect. At the tip of the sac, which often contains herniated abdominal contents, the cord/umbilical vessels insert. Omphaloceles are a type of omphalocele. . This topic will cover omphalocele-related difficulties, with a focus on prenatal diagnosis and pregnancy treatment. Gastroschisis, the other primary foetal abdominal wall abnormality, is discussed individually. The flat embryonic disc folds in four directions and/or planes during the fourth to fifth week of development: cephalic, caudal, right and left lateral. Each fold converges at the point of intersection. The intestines and liver both expand rapidly at the same time. The abdominal cavity briefly becomes too narrow to hold its contents during the sixth week of development (or eight weeks after the last menstrual cycle), resulting in midgut protrusion into the remnant extra embryonic coelom at the base of the umbilical cord. This transient herniation has a count of 90 degrees.

Main Symptoms and important clinical findings: he is a new born child birth defect of the abdominal (belly) wall. There are back of s/o cystic syndrome are neck region, tenderness, protrusion. The findings are associated anomalies and medical conditions.

The Main Diagnosis /Therapeutic intervention and outcomes: The patient was treated with  Inj. Ampicillin 120 mg in 5 ml D5 (IV)  12 hourly.(50 mg/kg/dose). Inj Gentamycin 10 mg in 5 ml D5 (IV) 2 hourly ( 4 mg/kg/day). Inj Calcium Gluconate, 2.5 ml D5 (IV) 12 hourly over 30 min (2 ml/kg/day).

Outcomes: Patient’s general condition was not improved.

Conclusion: Omphalocele is an uncommon congenital malformation of the anterior abdominal wall that has a negative impact on infant mortality and quality of life. A timely diagnosis of such a problem is required.



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