Sacrococcygeal Teratoma : A Review


  • Mr. Anupam Gawhane, Mrs. Darshana Shingode, Roshan Umate,


Sacrococcygeal Teratomas Are Tumours Originating From Pluripotent Embryonic Germ Cell Layers Located In The Foetal Coccyx. These Tumours Are Highly Vascular If They Undergo Malignant Transformation. They Are Most Commonly Found In Infants And Children, But They Can Also Be Diagnosed Prenatally. Adult Cases Are Extremely Rare And Represent Tumours That Have Been Present Since Birth But Have Been Detected Late.

Most Sacrococcygeal Teratomas Are Not Cancerous, And The Prognosis Is Usually Favourable Following Excision. We Provide A Case And Discuss The Anaesthetic And Surgical Therapy Of A Massive Sacrococcygeal Teratoma That Was More Than Half The Size And Weight Of The Newborn.



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