Evaluation of using Aloe phytoactives as a potential botanical pesticide


  • Aarthi Pugazhendhi, D. Satish Sekar,


Some of the constituents found in the Aloe vera leaf such as Aloin, or the Emodins are recognized as having laxative, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Here we have developed simple, sensitive and specific U.V. spectrophotometric method for determination of aloinin Aloe vera whole leaf extract and gel extract. Spectrophotometric studies were carried out using double beam Manti Lab UV spectrophotometer version UV V.64.0 with methanol as solvent. Aloin showed maximum absorbance at 250nm. Also whole leaf extract was observed to contain higher amount of aloin concentration than Aloe gel. The present investigation was aimed to determine pesticidal activity of aloin against four pests H.armigera, S.litura, Corcyra cephalonica and Plutellaxylostella. Plants have remained source for many important pesticides and need for newer plant based pesticides remain ever persisting over synthetic pesticides as it causes economy, environmental resistance and toxicity issues. The isolated aloin was studied for Ovicidal and Larvicidal activity. Larvicidal activity was determined by Paper disk dip method. The result showed high % mortality at 0.5% concentration. The results obtained can be utilized for the further scientific verification of bioactive compounds and their application in commercial use.



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