On Myocardial Infarction Medical Analysis


  • Dr. Alink Matez


In the case presented, classic signs and symptoms of chest pain (that could be associated with MI) are evident. For instance, H.G. experiences chest pain radiating to the left arm and his jaw. In addition, the patient experiences diaphoresis and shortness of breath. With the perceived lack of oxygen supply to the myocardial cells, this outcome could be attributable for the chest pain. When the intima of the artery is exposed to an accumulation of the lipids, the latter evolves to yield fibrous-fatty lesions. Indeed, these lesions may contain fibrous caps. When ruptured, the caps are likely to allow the lipid center into the patient’s bloodstream. The eventuality is that the formation of clots is stimulated, translating into the process of thrombogenesis.  When a patient undergoes the latter, vessels are blocked. In turn, oxygenated blood is blocked from passing and myocardial cells are deprived of nutrients. 



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