The Ancient Performing art of Assam: Ojapali


  • Dr. Malabika Bhattacharyya, Miss JuriNath


The art ojapali is a traditionally performing art of Assam. It is a living and active bearer ofPan-Indian Tradition of Kathakata. It is also one of the socio-religion arts of Assam. In ancient

Assamese society Ojapali entertained the people through music, dance and action. It is also amedia of mass-communication. Because of the artistic abilities the Ojapali group enjoys specialsocial status. This art-form links Assam to the rest of India. Therefore, it plays an important role in thestudy of the traditional performing art of Assam as well as India.In this paper it is trying to analyse the role of ojapali as a performing art of Assam and its cultural impact.




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