A Role Of Ethical Marketing Issues In Brand Relationship With Consumers


  • Dr .K V Subba Rao


In recent years business ethics feels the social responsibility, influences the factors of consumers ethical decisions making this study presents wide research perceptions of consumer ethical issues. Un ethical marketing on purchases reflects on the organization resulting manipulated consumer purchasing behaviour.Business ethics feels the social responsibility it gained a great achievement making marketing practices especially in society i.e., changes in attitudes of the consumer choice. If the managements not taken into consideration of consumer choices it effects the consumer behaviour. This study reveals unethical practices giving the result of a negative effect on business Every business expects maximum out put through enhancing the advertisement packaging and other activities. This study stands the ethical outcomes on quality relationship involves an ethical marketing practices, quality relationship loyalty in brand, leads a positive transaction between the business and consumers. A research on ethical marketing practices gains a competitive advantage for almost allbusiness areas.Un ethical marketing practices leads a negative effect on consumer consumption activity.



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