Kerala Transgender Policy : A Model For Tamilnadu State


  • dr. V. Josephine Lourdes De Rose, lubna Suraiya Mohamed Hummer


A Supreme Court Judgement Of April 2014 (Nalsavs. Union Of India) Gave Path-Breaking Initiative To Enforce Social Space, Dignity,Uphold Equal Protection And Constitutional Rights For Transgender Community. Following This,Kerala Scripted A Historic Move In 2015 By Becoming The First State In The Country To Roll Out A Transgender Policy To End Societal Stigma Attached To Sexual Minorities And Non-Discriminatory Treatment.The State Transgender Policy Was Released By Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson At International Conference On Gender Equality.The Policy Recognized The Core Spectrum Of Exclusion, Highlighted Human Rights Violations And Several Injusticesor Hardships Faced By Trans-Community In The Country. It Included A Plethora Of Progressive Steps For The Legal Recognition, Inclusion, Development Opportunitiesand Empowerment Towards Socio-Political Participation,Economic Upsurge, Public Transportation, Health Care Provisions, Social Security, Education, Reservations, Career Sectors, Access To Violence Freelife By Setting A Strong Model For Other Indian States. The Policy Proposed State Government To Establish A State Transgender Welfare Board And District Transgender Justice Committees That Included Members From The Transgender Community To Ensure Their Participation In Decision Making. It Laid Down An Elaborate Framework To Monitor, Evaluate And Bring Out Productive Policy Outcomes.




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