Prosthetic Devices And Machine Learning


  • Aman Sainia, Dr. Divya Jainb , Dr. Arpita Nagpalc


Machine Learning now a days is being used in lot of technologies. Prosthetics devices have been exponentially developed over a small period of time. This paper presents a survey done in the field of prosthetics. Prosthetic devices play a pivotal role in healthcare sectors. Prosthetic devices help people to recreate their lost power of sensations, touch, light, feel etc.It helps to repair, replace, or correct any missing part of the body, and keep functioning as before by using artificial substitute. Machine learning not only makes the works easier but is also helps to reduce the algorithm complexities, make the machine or model learn by itself from the past experience and feedback. Using machine learning for prosthetics is the new era of development. This work presents the knowledge about machine learning, prosthetics, history of prosthetics, types of prosthetics, advancement done and future scope, how machine learning is used to develop prosthetics.



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