“Correlation Of Total Serum Ldh Levels with Differentiation of Breast Carcinoma”


  • Harshala Lokhande, K.M.Hiwale, Ankita Agrawal, Sunita Vagha


Breast Cancer Is One Of The Most Commonly Diagnosed Cancers And The Main Cause Of Cancer Deaths Globally. The Incidence And Prevalence Of Breast Carcinoma Is Ever Increasing.  Therefore It Has Become A Necessity To Diagnose It At An Early Stage To Prevent Mortality And Morbidity Associated With It. Nowadays, Serum Parameters Are Being Studied For Their Role In Diagnosis And Prognosis Of Cancers. One Such Parameter Being Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase. Ldh Is One Of The Most Important Enzymes In The Body Of The Tumor Microenvelo, As It Is Involved In The Conversion Of Pyruvate To Lactate And Vice Versa, Making It Very Important In Cancer Play. Even In The Presence Of Oxygen, Cancer Cells Use Glycolysis As The Main Source Of Atp. Increased Glycolysis Causes Natural Acidosis, Which Aids In Invading Cancer Cells By Destroying Normal Populations, Degrading The Extracellular Matrix, And Promoting Angiogenesis. Elevated Serum Ldh Levels Are The Result Of Increased Glycolytic Tumor Activity And Tumor Necrosis Caused By Hypoxia.

Conclusion: In This Study, We Estimate Less Specific Biomarker Like Ldh As A Routine Screening In Cases Of Breast Carcinoma.  This Review Studies Raised Serum Ldh Levels As A Poor Prognostic Factor In Such Cases Along With It’s Correlation With The Differentiation Of Breast Carcinoma.



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Harshala Lokhande, K.M.Hiwale, Ankita Agrawal, Sunita Vagha. (2021). “Correlation Of Total Serum Ldh Levels with Differentiation of Breast Carcinoma”. Drugs and Cell Therapies in Hematology, 10(1), 858–862. Retrieved from https://www.dcth.org/index.php/journal/article/view/174