Peer-Reviewing and Impact on Medical Practitioner Knowledge


  • Dr. Rodent S.


One of the key points that have emerged during module 3 involves linking the project strategies and content to the capstone project goals. In particular, the model has enabled me to ensure that while developing strategies through which the project will be implemented, the plans are actionable and that their implementation needs to be tailored in a manner that would lead to the realization of the goals of the project. Regarding my current and future nurse practice and experience, this point is important because it provides room for me to ensure that while advocating for change at the unit and organization level, I not only consider the needs of other team members but also ensure that the mode of action plan implementation is aligned in a manner that would promote goal and objective achievement. To achieve goals, in this case, the module has enabled me to develop strategies that include monitoring the frequency and number of incomplete output and intake events during project implementation, as well as interviewing surgical ward teams at the end of the project.



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