A Study of Manju Kapur’s Home in Terms of Female Identity


  • S. Manimekalai, Dr. V. Vimala


This article focuses on studying about female identity and efforts taken for change in Manju Kapur's ‘Home’. Manju Kapur is able to ventilate the feminist concerns and issues related to it through her works. Kapur dreams about a society which claims immunity from female exploitation and creates characters in such a way that they resist female oppressions in a male dominated society. Being a wife, daughter and a mother are the predetermined roles in an Indian society. The female protagonist of ‘Home’ tries to liberate herself from the shackles of ‘dependence syndrome’ forced on her by a patriarchal society. This article is, in fact, an odyssey on Nisha, the female protagonist, in her effort in establishing individuality and self identity. She loathes people viewing her as rubber doll. Quite similar to several heroines of Manju Kapur, she fights hard to establish her identity. In her quest for autonomy and female identity, she undergoes a transition. This struggle has been going on for decades and will continue forever.



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