Impact of Work Engagement on Employee Commitment: An Empirical study on IT employees


  • Ms. Feleen Christy, Dr. Venkatesh S


This study examines the level of Work Engagement and Employee Commitmentof employees in the IT sector and to determine the impact that work engagement has on their commitment. The study is empirical in nature and the data was collected through survey method. The sample size for the study is 104 IT employees residing in Bangalore city. The beginning part of the questionnaire comprised of the demographic questions and the second half of the questionnaire comprises of the 17-item Utrecht Work Engagement Scale by Schaufeli & Bakker (2003) and 24-item Employee commitment scale developed by Allen & Meyer in 1990. The employee commitment scale possesses three dimensions namely Affective Commitment, Continuance Commitment and Normative Commitment. The work engagement scale too possesses three dimensions namely Vigor, Dedication and Absorption. Through this study, the authorintends to identify the scores of the three sub-dimensions of Work engagement and Employee commitment of IT employees. The reliability of the scales was measured using Cronbach Alpha coefficient. Statistical techniques such as Correlation analysis and Multiple regression analysis were used to test the formulated hypotheses.



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