Effect Of Ageing Anxiety on The Environment: A Psychoanalysis


  • Subhadarshini Khatua


Background: Ageing anxiety has been observed in most of the people and due to this many socio economic and environmental changes happen in and around the domain where these anxiety levels are high. In the recent years, a hoax that was propagated by the cosmetic companies have created a similar anxiety among the users. As a result, the production of the cosmetics increased by many folds resulting in a larger damage to the environment. In order to quantify the effect of this anxiety, psychoanalysis has been performed on selected segment of consumers. In most cases, it was seen to be a dreadful experience when they discovered the signs of ageing and it has shown very negative effects on the environment as a whole. Objectives: In this paper psychoanalysis of middle-aged subjects and segmentation of consumers are done to explore the effect of anti-ageing products on environment.

Method: Using experimental cases, the study demonstrates that psychoanalysis of women subsequent to the age of 40 throws up interesting insights. To study the segment of consumers who endorse anti-ageing products we studied the clinical examples of 16 individuals who explained the various needs that encourages an individual to seek for anti-aging products.

Results: The results were estimated on 16 participants and the emission factors were estimated for different segmentation factors. It has been estimated that the emissions can be reduced by 56% if a person overcomes all the anxieties. Statistical tools were also used to quantify the effect of ageing by bifurcating the data in to two groups.



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