A Study On Members Perception On Self Help Groups With Refference Andhrapradesh


  • Dr.A.Krishna Sudheer, Dr.D.Rajasekar


Members' Perceptions Of Self-Help Group (Shg) Members Were Measured In An Evaluation Study. A Self-Help Group Is A Group Of People Who Have A Common Concern And Gather On A Regular Basis To Offer And Receive Support.As A Result, Self-Help Groups Provide Critical Access To Care For Underserved Groups With Low Incomes (Less Than 10,000 Per Month). Having Money To Spend That Women Earned In An Ethical Manner Aided In The Development Of Their Self-Image And Confidence. During The Year 2021, Data Was Collected From 512 Randomly Selected Members Of Andhra Pradesh's Self-Help Groups.A Questionnaire Was Used To Assess The Members' Perception Construct. The Study Found That Members Of Self Help Groups Improved Significantly In All Four Areas Of Their Daily Work, Including Employment, Agriculture And Training, Marketing And Business, And Daily Wagers. This Positive Attitude Of Self Help Group Members Could Be Tapped Into By Diversifying Their Knowledge And Skills.Market Data And Infrastructure May Be Beneficial In Helping Them Scale Up Production And Become More Competitive In The Market. Members Of Self-Help Groups May Gain By Joining



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Dr.A.Krishna Sudheer, Dr.D.Rajasekar. (2021). A Study On Members Perception On Self Help Groups With Refference Andhrapradesh. Drugs and Cell Therapies in Hematology, 10(1), 47–52. Retrieved from https://www.dcth.org/index.php/journal/article/view/59