Impact of Corona Pandemic on Mental Health and Methods to Overcome


  • Ms Shaifali Gupta, Dr. Rakesh Rai


In late 2019, a new virus strain called corona virus (COVID 19) has stirred death, destruction and upheaval across the world. Emotional and mental destruction during the corona pandemic is hitting on a large scale to those people living with anxiety disorder, especially in countries like India, where people avoid to talk regarding anxiety and depression afraid that people might think them as geek. People working in frontline area like the health workers and cleaners are at high risk of exposure to COVID 19 for themselves and their family which leads to anxiety. Due to relatively new strain of virus, doctors and scientists are not yet able to successfully develop the vaccine for the cure of this disease. So, lockdown was imposed by the government to minimize the spread of corona. This paper deals with the effects of corona pandemic lockdown which leads to all types of depression in the general population. Various studies have been conducted previously to study the effects of pandemic lockdown on mental health of people across the globe like 1918-19Spanish Flu, SARS CoV 1 in 2003 etc. This paper also deals with various aspects how to handle social isolation by keeping yourself busy, rediscovering hobbies, talking with family, engaging in household activities etc. It also provides us the techniques to handle emotional problems. Youth should avoid the substance abuse like alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing etc as they can worsen the physical and mental health. Persons with mental illness require help and support by proper prescribed medication, regular daily routine, keeping engaged and being positive.




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