Awareness of Pregnant Women on Breastfeeding


  • V. Jhansirani, Dr. D. Sarada


In spite of the extraordinary benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child, the modern day woman faces various psychosocial barriers to breastfeeding, in addition to these emotional and physical challenges. The World Health Organization (WHO), said that the optimal feeding form for overall child subsistence is exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continued breastfeeding together with proper balancing nutrition for up to two years (WHO, 2001). A sample of 200 pregnant women was selected from the Govt. And private hospitals in Guntur and Tirupati. In the present study the awareness of pregnant women on breastfeeding was assessed using a 13 item five point scale specially designed and standardized for the purpose. The minimum score was 21 and maximum score was 65, the levels of score was; low=21-35, moderate 36-50 and high 51-65 and the sample was classified based on their awareness on breast feeding. The results of the study shown that most of the pregnant women had low awareness on breastfeeding. The promotion of breast feeding should start with the education and counseling of pregnant women to change their attitudes, impart knowledge and convince to practice.



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