Attitude Of Young Nursing Mothers On Breastfeeding Garments


  • V. Jhansirani, Dr. D. Sarada


A young nursing woman is to do normal social activities, day-to-day tasks which keeps her in the public eyes especially during the breastfeeding in public places. These days’ women are educated, competent and hard-working. Many young mothers who are breastfeeding alsocontinuing with their jobs from a few weeks after delivery. The importance of suitable breastfeeding garments is much necessary for the job premises. In the professional arena, one needs to always look good and be on point. Young nursingmothers must follow their normal pattern of life during lactation period by wearing breastfeeding garments that are comfortable and make them feel confident. The present study is an attempt to assess and changethe attitude of young nursing mothers on breastfeeding garments. For this the researcher selected 100 young nursing mothers aged between 18- 36years from Guntur and Tirupati cities. The data was collected through questionnaire.The sample attitude towards use of BF garments was assessed using a 17 item five point Likert type attitudinal scales developed and standardized for the purpose. Based on the attitude scores the women were categorized as; Low, moderate, and high. The results revealed that 84 percent of the young nursing mothers have low level of attitude towards breastfeeding garments.



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