Case Report on Acute Transient Psychotic Disorder


  • Miss. Achal s. Dhanvij, Ms. Darshana Shingode, Aniket Pathade


Acute transient psychotic disorder as a descriptive entity was recognized for the first time in 1992 in international classification of disease. Acute transient psychotic disorder(ATPD) defined by ICD-10 ( world health organization) characterized by acute onset ( no greater than 2 weeks from first appearance of symptoms to full disorder) of hallucination, delusion, and incomprehensible or incoherent speech. Acute psychotic syndrome required early hospitalization in either an inpatient psychiatric unit or a crisis center. They are psychiatric emergency .

Main symptoms and /or important clinical findings: Sleep disturbances since 7-8 days , muttering ( expression of dissatisfaction) since 7-8 days , hearing voice not heard by other since 8 days , suspiciousness since 8 days , fearfulness since 8 days, aggressiveness since 8-10 days , hallucination since 7 days.

Diagnostic evaluation: He is 38 year old male .all investigation are done. Complete blood count, hb-12.5gm/dl, mental status examination, physical examination ,brain imaging.

Therapeutic intervention: patient was treated Inj haloperidol 5mg (BD) , inj lorazepam 2mg iv (SOS) ,tab oleanz 20 mg (HS) , tab clozapine 0.5mg (SOS) , inj phenargan 25mg (SOS) , tab sodium valporate 500mg (BD) , tab trinicolm fort (BD).

Outcome:- Patient general conditions was improved.

Nursing perspectives: Administered fluid replacement i.e NS and DNS . monitor vital sign and check blood pressure of the patient. Provided adequate rest and sleep to the patient . provided group therapy and individual therapy and occupational therapy to the patient. Administered medication according to doctors order .

Conclusion: Generalized weakness, sleep disturbances and aggressiveness reduced with proper treatment. Now patient in good condition.



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