Case Report On Olliers Disease


  • Mr. Chetan Bhagat, Miss Sangita Shende, Roshan Umate


There are seven major subtypes of enchondromas, with Ollier disease (subtype I) and Maffucci syndrome being the most frequent (subtype II). Maffucci syndrome is a set of symptoms that occurs when enchondromas are accompanied with a significant, usually benign, proliferation of blood vessels (vascular abnormalities). Metachondromatosis, genochondromatosis, spondyloenchondrodysplasia, and dysspongiosis are the others.

Patient Information:  Patient was admitted in AVBRH Hospital ,on dated  02/06/2021 with chief compliant of   fever, leg pain, swelling of knee, mass felt over the proximal tibia, headache and after physical examination and investigation doctor diagnosed a case of Ollier disease.

Clinical Symptoms : fever, weakness, swelling of knee, severe leg pain, headache,

Therapeutic interventions: Present case took the medical management with Ollier disease ,antipyretics given such Tab. Paracetamol 500mg(BD), Inj.Ceftriaxone1gmIV(BD), Inj.Pantaprozole40Mgiv(OD), Inj.Ondesetron4MGiv (TDS). and analysis given such as inj. Tramadol 4 ml (BD),

Nursing perspectives : Administration fluid replacementie.500ml DNS,500ml RL and  Neomol 100ml. monitor vital sign per hourly Maintained temperature chart 1hourly strictly ,maintained intake output chart properly Tab. Paracetamol antibiotics given as per doctor order.

Conclusion: Enchondromas can become cancerous in roughly a third of cases. The characteristic radiographic and scintigraphy symptoms of Ollier's illness make it easy to diagnose.




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