Case Report on Pancytopenia in a Young Adult Male


  • Mr. Chhagan B. Wadekar, Sarika Selsurkar,Roshan Umate


Pancytopenia is an ailment wherein there is a decrease in the quantity of red and white platelets, just as platelets. Modified demise receptor-1 bar with pembrolizumab is endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat patients with metastatic melanoma. Initiating T cells to battle disease may cause safe interceded antagonistic occasions. The commonest cause of pancytopenia was megaloblastic anaemia (44%) followed by combined nutritional anemia(20%), hypersplenism(12%), aplastic anemia(10%), Acute Leukemia(6%), myelodysplastic syndrome(2%) and uncommon causes like Dengue fever(4%) and Hemolytic anemia(2%) were also encountered. Patients Details: A 21 years old male was admitted in A.V.B.R.H. Sawangi (m) Wardha. With the chief complaints of weakness, fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath, internal bleeding, headache,bodyache since 15 days .No history of fever, cough, cold, chest pain. Clinical findings: The patient had done all necessary investigation by physician order. Medical Management: Patient treated with    antacids , antibiotics , antipyretics  [inj. Pan 40 mg OD , Inj. Optineuron 100 ml NS IV OD , Tab. PCM SOS , Tab. Folic Acid BD , Syp. Elizir Neongord 2TSP TDS] Nursing Management: Administered IV fluid , monitor vital sign hourly. Administered medication as per doctor’s order. Conclusion: Early diagnosis and careful treatment can help to prevent the patient landing into life threatening situations.



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