A Case Report on Post Covid Mucormycosis of Palate


  • Ms. Chitralekha S. Telang, Sarika Selsurkar, Roshan Umate


Mucormycosis is a contagious contamination brought about by specific sorts of shape. These molds are known as mucoromycetes. They are found. All through Nature (omnipresent) and can be found in the dirt and rotting natural matter like rotting Vegetation. As the conclusion of palatal mucormycosis depends on careful oral assessment, occurrence paces of palatal mucormycosis are presumably belittled. Since few instances of this infection have been accounted for, we inspected the writing and accumulated a far reaching outline of current information about the clinical attributes and accessible medicines of palatal mucormycosis.

Patient history:  A 48. Year /female patient was   admitted in AVBRH    hospital   on dated 17/05/21 with   chief complaint   of suspected   case of   post   covid   mucormycosis   and osteomyelitis   of    palate. Patient had history of angioplasty on 2014 and also done hernioplasty in 2010.Clinical finding: The patient     had done all   necessary   investigations by physician order  Medical management :Patient  was  treated   with  supportive  therapy   plasma therapy ,  antibiotic   medication, antifungal, Antipyretic,  fluid  replacement medication . Nursing Management: Administered IV fluid, nebulizaion with budocort, monitor vital sign hourly. Administered medication doctor orders. Conclusion:  Timely treatment and   management   of post covid mucormycosis of osteomyelitis palate can improve patient survival.  



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