Case Report On Pregnancy in Hypertensive elderly women by IVF conception


  • Ms. Harshika Wankhede, Ms. Seema kolhe, Aniket Pathade


Hypertensive complications associated with pregnancy are the primary cause of maternal and fetal morbidity. Early development of cardiovascular disease is also anticipated relatively early after pregnancy is terminated. Over the past 20 years, infertility treatments have steadily increased and proven effective in achieving significant successful conception rates and live birth rates, even among women younger than 35 years of age. Main symptoms and/or important clinical findings: A 45 yrs. Old female was admitted in AVBRH on date 22/01/2021 with chief complaintof breathing difficulty with elderly G5P1D1A3 with 28 weeks of GA with previous LSCS with IVF conception with gestational hypertension. Obstetric history- Patient had bad obstetric history of three abortion and dead baby. In 2017 she had got the menopause. After menopause she took the treatment in AVBRH Sawangi (M) Wardha and got the regular menses.After regular menses, shereceived IVF cycle and she was conceived in 2nd IVF cycle.The main diagnoses, therapeutic interventions, and outcomes:After physical examination and investigation, this case was diagnosed having 28 weeks of gestation with hypertension. Patient had previous  history of LSCS.Patient was treated with antihypertensive drugs to reduce the symptoms of eclampsia. Also she was provided calcium supplement and iron supplement. Present case was stable but ultrasonography revealedsign of stage I- intra uterine growth restriction. Nursing perspective: Fluid replacement i.e. DNS and RL, monitoring of fetal heart rate and vital signs per hourly. Conclusion: Conception with in vitro fertilization have increased risk of gestational hypertension as well as fetal complications like intra uterine growth restriction. But timely treatment and management improves the outcome of pregnancy.



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