Management of patient with Calcaneus Left Side Fracture: A Case Report


  • Mr. Rakesh R. Nagrale, Ms. Mayuri L. Yelekar, Roshan Umate,


The calcaneus is one of the tarsal bones' seven articulating bones. The calcaneus is the biggest bone in the foot and is found in the hindfoot with the talus. The heel is how most people refer to it. The calcaneus is supported by a number of ligaments and muscles that aid in its function in human biped biomechanics.1 It articulates superiorly with the talus and anteriorly with the cuboid, and it shares a joint space with the talonavicular joint, aptly named the talocalcaneonavicular joint. The calcaneus is responsible for transferring the majority of body weight from the lower limb to the ground.2 Perforating branches of the posterior tibial artery supply the medial side of the calcaneus. The lateral calcaneal artery supplies the calcaneus on the side ( can be a branch of the posterior tibial artery or the peroneal artery). The medial and lateral intra-osseous arteries anastomose in the midline of the bone, creating a watershed area.3 At the talocalcaneal joint (subtalar joint), the calcaneus articulates with the talus superiorly, establishing contact on the anterior, middle, and posterior faces. The talocalcaneonavicular joint is made up of the anterior part of the talocalcaneal joint and the talonavicular joint, which may share joint space. The calcaneus articulates with the cuboid anteriorly (calcaneocuboid joint). Fracture of the calcaneus The calcaneus has a pseudotumour. Talocalcaneal alliance Coalition of Calcaneo navicular, Calcaneal spur (heel spur).Plantar fasciitis is a type of plantar fasciitis that affect (is a very prevalent condition that involves a non-inflammatory structural breakdown of the connective tissue that makes up the plantar aponeurosis or fascia of the foot). Heel spurs are frequently associated with this condition.4



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