A Case Report on Germ Cell Tumor


  • Mr. Sanesh Shambharkar, Mrs. Sarika Selsurkar, Roshan Umate


A neoplasm produced from germ cells is known as a germ cell tumor (GCT). Dangerous and generous germ cell tumors exist. Germ cells are by and large found inside the ovary and testis. GCTs could give rise to birth irregularities during  organism development. Patients History: A 3 years old female was admitted in A.V.B.R.H. Sawangi (M), Wardha . Patient complaint of swelling on right gluteal region since 6 month. As narrated by patient mother baby was alright before 6 months after that they noticed swelling over gluteal region right side which was small in size. Patient had  H/O fall, inflammation, redness, swelling was gradually increasing in size. Clinical findings: The patient had done all necessary investigation by physician order. Medical Management: Patient treated with antiemetic, antibiotic and calcium [Syp-Augmentin 8ml BD, Syp-Deocal 5ml BD , Tab-Emset 2mg TDS, L\A T- Bacterial Ointment L\A Neosporin Powder, Tab- Limce BD, Syp- Zincovit. Nursing Management-Administered   IV fluid   , monitor vital sign hourly. Administered medication doctor orders. Conclusion :Timely treatment and management of germ cell tumor is needed for better prognosis.



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